Meet Tara Skubella

 I embrace the wild earth, wild femininity and wild passions that roam through my heart body and soul.

 I am also an inspirational survivalist, mountain mama,  hiker/backpacker, adventurer, connector, naturalist and strong individual.  Living in Colorado allows me to move around outside, so my life is full of hiking mountains, running, camping and spending time in the sun.

Teaching Tantra is also important to me.  I enjoy guiding others to learn how to connect and heal by rooting with the earth and themselves before learning how to improve relationships with others.

After attending two colleges and changing my major three times, I graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with an Earth Science Teaching Degree in 1997.  Proceeding graduation, I moved between Illinois and Missouri, then to Florida and finally "settled" in Colorado May of 2000.  My professional experience entails working with youth and/or outside in various capacities from wilderness therapy jobs to the United States Forest Service to social services work.  My favorite jobs have always included working outside. Most recently, I've moved into the Tantra teaching field and am a certified Tantra teacher through Tribal Tantra.

Despite needing change in my life, I LOVE living in Colorado.  The summers here are some of the most beautiful I've experienced around the world,and exploring the many majestic fourteen thousand foot peaks surrounding us keeps me motivated to climb.

Check out my events page to see where and how we can connect.