Why Restless Genes?

For most of my life I've loved change and pushing myself into a challenge - whether it's in the form of new opportunities/goals, survival, traveling, meeting new people or seeking adventure.  Looking forward to the next challenge fills a void deep within me and settles my restlessness.

As I result of being restless, I find that working for the same company for more than two years is difficult.   When boredom sets in, I need to move onto something else.  Luckily I currently have fabulous part time job where I work from home.  This allows me to balance my family life, passion for my line of work and personal well being.

My inspiration for learning more about this topic and connecting with other people stems from an article that was featured in the 125th anniversary issue of National Geographic.  The article, "Restless Genes" by David Dobbs, is a great introduction explaining what may cause some people to feel restless.  It also addresses why some people need to change their environment frequently and/or have the urge to explore.

According to the article, around 20% of the world's population share an amazing "adventure gene" known as DRD4-7R.  Although I haven't been tested (yet) to see if I carry the DRD4-7R gene, I feel as though it runs through my blood. In recognizing the genetic component for a deep sense of change, I feel compelled to explore the topic and reach out to others, who share similar characteristics and urges.

My hope for this website is to provide the connections and stories that celebrate the restlessness within us, and increase our ability to thrive and be happy.