Inspirational Speaker & Survivalist

Tara is available for inspirational speaking engagements, survival educational opportunities and one on one coaching.  Besides having a professional background in guiding and outdoor sciences, Tara loves to be on the move and find new adventures.  She recently experienced an intense raw survival situation in the Panama Jungle for a Naked and Afraid challenge.  After her survival experience, Tara found an even stronger connection with mother earth and is ready to share her lessons with others.

If you are interested in one of the below topics, or have another in mind, contact Tara to see how she can cater to your group or personal journey.
  • Connecting with wilderness through rooting and being intimate with mother earth
  • Survival experience with Naked and Afraid 
  • Bow drill and other primitive fire starting - how to become a fire whisperer
  • Why ADD/ADHDers are amazing people
  • Why everyone should learn to walk barefoot
  • Let your children and teens run wild outside
  • Survival in Colorado

Contact Tara for more information: