Monday, February 3, 2014

Restless Jeep Commercial

There is no way I could avoid not posting the most talked about commercial of the 2014 Super Bowl.  

The minute the Restless Jeep commercial aired, I knew it would be a perfect post for Restless Genes.  

Jeep produced the perfect commercial addressing the restlessness in us.  They combined genetic exploration with the simple "itch" to adventure beyond the paved road.  Any human who even has a tiny bit of restlessness swimming around in their body will want to go out and buy a Jeep.

I absolutely LOVE this commercial.  It makes me want to jump into my own Jeep Wrangler right now and take off, even with the foot of snow on the ground here in the high Rocky Mountains.

My favorite line of the commercial is "genetics have a voice you can only deny for so long".  So very true. This is a topic Restless Genes addresses.  If you think you may have restless genes, visit my past posts to learn more about this intriguing topic:

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Do you think Jeep's success will start a trend in other companies addressing the "restless" in us?